The Jessop Fighting Fund

FUND UPDATE=£2601 Tues 1pm

SAVE and The Victorian Society were given 7 days to appeal the decision last Thursday in the High Court that prevented them from taking the plan for needless demolition of Jessop’s Grade II listed Edwardian building to judicial review.

Everyone involved in this – SAVE Britain’s Heritage, The Victorian Society and their legal team (leaders in this field) are convinced that there IS a case, but those two voluntary organisations had to pay out £10,000 costs last week to the Uni+Council’s slew of barristers (ours are doing this on ‘no-win no fee’).  This is a heavy hit for small voluntary organisations (SAVE have two paid staff in a shared office).  They can’t afford those losses again.

There are 5000 petition signatories and thousands of people on Facebook and Twitter who have shown how much anger there is about this.

Please can we all take this to the final stage together?   £10000 is a lot – that is the amount that we know would guarantee we go forward. We might not need that much -it depends what the lawyers can negotiate – but to be sure we can go to the next stage we need approaching that amount. THIS CAN BE DONE! This is the last chance and it is so important to be able to say we tried everything. This should go to judicial review.

You can give donations or pledges. Pledging means we won’t ask you to pay anything unless the target is met and your donation is needed. To pledge please simply email your name, address and the amount you can pledge to

BUT if you are just happy to help get this going now and put something towards this which will go to these two important charities and you will not ask for your money back, even if we don’t raise enough, then please can you donate now?  SAVE Britain’s Heritage and The Victorian Society have already been hit hard by this, and what you donate will count towards our £10,000 total which we’ll get showing up very soon.

You can donate here:

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4 Responses to The Jessop Fighting Fund

  1. CJ says:

    What happens to our money if you dont hit the total?

    • admin says:

      Please pledge if you only want to donate if the total is reached. Donations received now will help pay the existing costs that SAVE and Vic Soc have had to meet.

  2. The worst thing you can be is apathetic

  3. roger endacott says:

    After recently visiting the old Jessop Hospital for the first time since I was born there on the 14th July 1942, I’d like to see it saved.

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