Jessop Fighting Fund

Thanks for your interest in helping to take last week’s High Court decision to the Court of Appeal.

Please donate if you are happy to contribute to SAVE Britain’s Heritage and The Victorian Society now, and will not ask for you money back if we do not reach our target. Your donation will go to SAVE Britain’s Heritage first and then be split between the two organisations.

To pledge, please send an email to stating your name and address and the amount you are willing to pledge to see this guaranteed taken to the Court of Appeal. Money from pledges will only be requested if sufficient funds are generated to take this to the Court and are then needed to cover legal fees.

Donations and pledges combined go to the JESSOP FIGHTING FUND. £10,000 in the fund will guarantee this goes to appeal, SAVE and Victorian Society Trustees may decide to make up some shortfall but it is clear that a significant chunk of the £10,000 backing needed must come from the public.

There are just a few days to appeal by 4th July, then Sheffield University can demolish. An injunction was granted against the University two of weeks ago when they said they would not wait for a judicial review before demolishing – even though judicial review procedures had started.

4 Responses to Jessop Fighting Fund

  1. Darryl Shrimpton says:

    Will Pledge £10 for Jessop hospital

  2. Linda Aizlewood says:

    This building is one of the few historic buildings surviving in Sheffield. It and many others still standing countrywide need protection.

  3. £20 donation from me. All Best Wishes.

  4. Mavis Kirk donate £10 for Jessop Hospital says:

    Lets hope we can all save this building and many more from destruction.

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