Last Chance to Save Jessops Edwardian building

So far we have gone through the planning system measures, Eric Pickles did not call the application in and then SAVE Britain’s Heritage and the Victorian Society also took legal measures to ask for a judicial review of these plans.  As hoarding is now being erected around the building time is very much against us.  The only people who can stop demolition now are the very people who first approved these plans, the governors of Sheffield University.  At that time The Council of Sheffield University will have been presented with a proposal set up in certain terms which could not have anticipated the level of intrigue and public outcry involved in the approval of this application.

This article will hopefully point the governors of Sheffield University towards the long trail of evidence which they may not be aware of, as we appeal to them to intervene before irreparable damage to the building is done.

A new petition (in addition to the 4963 signature one to Eric Pickles) has been created.  At time of writing , 1.45pm, day one, the petition has attracted 714 signatures.  Here is the petition:

Here is the last petition to Eric Pickles – please read through the comments on these petitions.

Important references in the current petition are:

Letter from Sheffield City Council Planning Dept to the University Representative

Email from Head of Urban Design and Conservation showing views had not changed, only the role of senior planning officers, now prepared to ‘tweak’ the planning report, when, before a meeting 13th July, they had signed off the letter from the council.

Independent historical report commissioned by the University 2008 (this link is on dropbox, HQ version, or you can access this doc on the planning site: search for jessops, look for the 3rd doc with ‘LBC’ in reference, click on this then then ‘docs’ tab, you need to go to the appendix of the ‘Heritage Statement’,where this docs has been tucked away, very uncomfortably.

Allocation in the City Development Plan

extract from 2010 City Development Plan- conditions laid down to protect Edwardian building

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  1. john and june shaw says:

    Why does the university like ugly buildings and are incapble of using exsisting structures and reusing them. Are they not clever enough. Do they teach architecture?.what is wrong with people! most buildings now are constructed and not BUILT.

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