A ray of hope

A couple of days ago it really looked like the end of the road for our campaign and for the Jessop Edwardian building.  Something has changed though and suddenly there is some hope again.  SAVE Britain’s Heritage is a national campaigning charity which lives up to its name doing some fantastic work saving important buildings up and down the country. We are delighted and extremely grateful that SAVE are now stepping in to help our campaign and again, there is some hope that we can save this building.

SAVE Britains Heritage logo

For Sheffield the importance of the building to the City’s Heritage is obvious enough, but at a national level the principle at stake here cannot be over stated.  Our listing system must be zealously guarded and demolition of Grade II Listed buildings for little more than the sake of convenience of rich developers, such as Sheffield University, must not be tolerated.  As long as there is a way, we’ll keep fighting this – we’re just very grateful to SAVE for helping seek out some options.


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2 Responses to A ray of hope

  1. Steven cocker says:

    Keep the fight going it must be saved.

  2. Ron Clayton says:

    I have only just caught up with these developments.Is it not possible to put this information out to a wider audience?

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